Questioning the thread of life with Poetry

Mon inspiration c’est toi, published in April 2021 by Proximité, Yaounde, is the second collection of poems by Asse X through which the iconoclastic and subversive author directly questions the thread of life.

Exploring the expression of the seen, said and questioned life, with the most possible subjecive approach, is the topic of this literary output. The reader may witness, in a particularly expanded form, the themes the poet is fond of: love, meditation, memory…life. Written in an open style, the poeticized lines of Asse X stand as the course of an observation-meditation inviting the reader to a perpetual movement. To serve a crucial thinking on the values and essence of existence.

The collection of Asse X, made of thirty lyrical poems, intentionally monotonous to reach the reader’s soul, becomes the analysis of his own experiences and torments throughout the times and events marking them… And, instead of pages, we could talk of sequences, since the layout of the poems seems cinematic. After experiencing life, death and meditation within a heady world and human antics, it is an early episode of facts doing and undoing the current life of the poet that is exposed. The poet’s memory of the trace count, to certainly complete a specific cycle and start a new one.

His poetry therefore stands as the investment of the deep identity of topics. It also gives itself the chance to suggest and portray unexpected, unpredictable resources. In life. Death. Depression. Everything!

Can improve…

Asse X can improve by proposing a more lively and sharp rhythm. Aware. The young and promising Cameroonian author should then work more on the imaginative aspect of his writing, which in turn shall enrich his lines by allowing it to bear a more important amount of thoughts. Spatiotemporally unalienable characteristics of any act of writing, that captures, led by some poetic chance, the violence and insubordination of the wear of time. 

Mon inspiration c’est toi by Asse X identifies henceforth with an inner odyssey that is experienced in the Self, reaching his deepest memories and secrets, to the expense of any aesthetic need or any purist respect of an established standard. It appears clearly that the more Asse X stoically looks into his own universe, the better he grows a high singularity poetic language that may become the essence of others.

Baltazar Atangana Noah-Nkul Beti

Literary critic

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